Child Care Center - Santa Clara

SABA to developed and designed a child care facility capable of housing 176 children on one acre of land on a commercial thoroughfare in Silicon Valley. With construction costs soaring in the Bay Area and tuition having a natural ceiling, cost containment was paramount.

Working closely with our civil engineer SABA was able to dramatically reduce costs by keeping the building to a single story while still accommodating 11,400 SF of required exterior play area, providing code required parking and meeting California’s extremely strict environmental requirements for on-site stormwater control.

SABA was tasked with obtaining a Conditional Use Permit for the exterior playground element. SABA successfully piloted the project through numerous required City technical committee meetings, through design review and ultimately earned approval from the city planning commission. In collaboration with a client project manager SABA held a community meeting and contacted city council members to remind them of the importance of child care in their community and to garner their support.