Midtown 21

Technology Client

This 21-story tower includes a second level reception, seventeen floors of offices, training facility, and a suite of webcast studios. The two-story penthouse level includes alternative work spaces, a games area, and a full-service cafeteria/event space.

300,000 SF
Project Lead

Desks and Departures
The project explores use of entire floors dedicated to alternative work environments. Employees still have a personal desk, but can also visit one of these amenity floors for break out meeting areas, small private offices for heads-down work, or lounges intended for casual conversation.

Social Penthouse
The top floor acts as a hub for individuals on laptops doing work and not just socializing. We found that offering different work environments allows employees to choose a space relevant to the task they are working on while also connecting with other people in the company they may not interact with on a regular basis.