Ground-up Clinic

Salem Pain and Spine

Ground-up Outpatient Clinic

The Salem Pain & Spine project consisted of a new ground-up outpatient clinic and planning for the future site expansion for a growing spine and pain management medical practice in Salem, Oregon. The client wanted a contemporary design that would be an inviting vibrant place for healing and work while solidifying their roots within an environmentally responsible community. The project incorporates thoughtful use of materials, natural daylighting and ventilation, metal sunshades, storm retention, and solar panels to meet sustainability goals.

New Construction
6,000 sf

Shell Design

The simple shed roof over the lobby transforms into a dramatic prow shape across the span of the building, creating room for a second floor doctor’s office and lounge area. Contemporary metal panels reflect the area's industrial past that has a sense of scale and texture and is low maintenance. The wood soffit brings in warmth.


  • On site water retention and treatment is a green storm water retention designed for 6”-18” of ponding  and infiltration rain gardens designed to be capable of infiltrating up to a 10 year storm event to minimizes off site water run off which is important because parts of Salem flood in the winter
  • Exterior operable windows provide natural ventilation
  • Exterior sunshades over the windows on the south and west sides provide cooling for the warm months
  • Photovoltaic solar panels on the roof generate electricity
  • Expected energy produced is 24,774 kWh/yr representing a 17% reduction in energy required from the grid
  • The windows provide natural daylighting which saves lighting use approximately 30%
  • LED lights  create an approximate 40% reduction in lighting energy use over florescent lighting
  • Electric car charging stations in the parking lot encourage electric vehicle use
  • Bathroom showers allow the staff to bike to work or run on their lunch breaks