Raikes Foundation

The Raikes Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on providing opportunities and support for underprivileged adolescents and is headed by the former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Jeffrey Raikes. The building selected for the project provided a dramatic yet calming setting with views projecting out into Lake Union. SABA’s design exposed the building’s clean concrete structure and employed open planning strategies to provide shared views of the dynamic working waterfront.

Workplace, Non-Profit
6,500 SF
Project Lead

Dynamic yet Comfortable
The foundation tasked SABA with creating an environment that reflected both the dynamic character of the site and the youthful exuberance of the young people they serve. Interior finishes and architectural detailing are consistent with the industrial, maritime context.

The client desired a collaboration room for casual lounging, meetings ranging from small groups to all-hands office meetings, and social gatherings. The solution was to provide a generous area tucked away in the back portion of the office outfitted with a mixture of comfortable, movable, modular lounge furniture, tables, and stools. A large rolling marker board provides flexible access to a long wall of veneer plywood casework storing display and AV equipment. The room is therefore intimate and flexible and serves as a “living room” within the office.